Scarcity Worsens As Fuel Sells For N300 In Lagos


The latest fuel scarcity,
which surfaced in Lagos
some days ago, took a turn
for the worse yesterday,
forcing commercial vehicle
operators, who got the
commodity to operate, to
hike their fares by almost
100 per cent on some
Many people who could not
afforded the increase in fares
were stranded at bus stops.
The fare from Oshodi to
Toyota, Five Star, and Iyana
Isolo bus stops that used to
be N50 was raised to N100,
while Oshodi to Mile 2 was
raised to N200 or more. It
used to be N100.
Commenting on the ugly
development, Ogar Thomas,
a civil servant, said
government should intervene
and settle the scores between
it and the marketers.
“It is the commuters that are
facing the problem. At the
black market, a 10-litre fuel
was sold for N2,700 – N3,000
instead of N870. Whatever is
the problem, government
should please help to resolve
it now,” he pleaded.
A commuter, Soje Tosho,
from Mowe, along Lagos-
Ibadan Expressway, in Ogun
State, said there were long
queues of vehicles at some of
the filling stations along the
expressway. The queues, he
said, caused traffic hold-up
on the highway.
According to him, emergency
sellers of fuel dotted the
expressway, selling the
product in jerry cans.
“When the driver of the
commercial bus I was
traveling in, asked one of the
sellers the price of a 10-litre
jerry can, the young said it
was N2,500. That translates
to N250 per litre,” he said.


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